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I hope everyone has enjoyed a few weeks off from raiding this summer.  With Mists of Pandaria just around the corner, Resurgence is kicking off the new raiding season starting August 9!  We are planning to get back in to the swing of things with some DS, FL mount runs and whatever else people are in the mood for to prepare for the xpac.  

Also in preparation for Mists, we are recruiting 2 ranged DPS and one healer. 

See you guys on the 9th!
Mac got his daggers tonight.  Long overdue and well deserved.  Congrats!

Heroic Madness Video!!!

Agamemnan a posted Mar 8, 12
We beat the game!

Tet Good job guys, and great job on video.

Heroic Madness Down!

Agamemnan a posted Mar 5, 12
After weeks of silly phase 2 wipes we have Heroic Deathwing down.  Turns out using Dream during phase 2 is a bad idea.  We 2 tanked/2healed which made phase 2 punishing for the healers.  Add in a bug with using Dream during Alextrazas cauterize the causes raid damage to stay high and we had a lot of unhealable phase 2's.  It took us way too long to figure that out, but once we did, the fight was relatively easy.  Add on the fact that our blood tank got locked out for an entire raid week didn't help us out.  This was long overdue.

Great job team.  (We'll 3 heal it next time to LOL through phase 2).  Kill vid coming soon!

Tet Believe it.
Cal Tet #1 Druid all of wow

Heroic Spine Video

Agamemnan a posted Feb 16, 12
It is finally ready....
Raspberry x Zodicus Dps carry's FYI